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How To Think Like A World Class Innovator Featuring Julia Rivard Dexter

Eleanor Beaton

Whether you’re experiencing low sales, poor product-market fit, or inefficiency, the root of the problems you’re facing in business might be anchored in a lack of innovation. In the midst of massive change in our post-crisis world, the ability to devise smart new solutions to pesky or long-standing problems is especially vital right now, and it’s a sign that innovation is needed.

Eleanor’s guest this week is Olympian, entrepreneur, innovator, and mom of four, Julia Rivard Dexter. Julia competed in the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney as a member of the Canadian Canoe Kayak team before transitioning into the world of innovative tech. She has led several successful technology ventures, including tech development firm Norex and spinoff company Sheepdog.

Today, Julia is the co-founder and CEO of Shoelace Learning: a product aimed at improving comprehension and supporting teachers with personalized education. Listen in this week to hear Julia’s transition from the world of elite sport into tech, her thoughts on the value of competition, and her top tips for nurturing your drive as a competitive, creative entrepreneur.

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Today on Anchored Intelligence:

  • Julia’s insights on the value of elite sports.
  • How learning to be resilient in the face of failure has impacted how Julia guides her teams.
  • Julia’s experience of failing in business and how it planted the seed for her future endeavors.
  • What it was like for Julia transitioning into the world of technology.
  • The biggest mindset and role shifts Julia had to make as she switched from a service to product-based company.
  • What led to the decision to pull the trigger and shelf Squiggle Park.
  • Julia’s relationship to drive and innovation.
  • The core habits that are necessary for becoming more innovative.

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