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Safi Media is an education and business coaching company for women entrepreneurs.


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Fast Company

I lost my ambition after my dad died. Here’s how this led me to start my dream business

A deeply personal essay by Eleanor on how her father’s death helped her access the part of herself that embraced personal development.

She Means Profit

Creating Meaningful Wealth for Women

On this episode of She Means Profit, Eleanor talks to Melissa Houston about building and maintaining wealth as women.

Grief, Loss and Liberation

On this episode of Badass Women at Any Age, Eleanor talks to Bonnie Marcus about the influence of her mother’s words: “Money is power, always make your own.”

Releasing the Pressure to Be Perfect in Business

On this episode of Stress Free Solutions, Eleanor talks to Sarah about how she caused stress in her life by overworking herself and trying to be perfect.

The Business Power Hour with Eleanor Beaton

On this episode of the Business Power Hour, Eleanor talks to Deb Krier.

Eleanor Beaton and fellow Harry Jerome Award Winners.

Eleanor Beaton Wins 2022 BBPA Harry Jerome Professional Excellence Award

Eleanor Beaton was a recognized global leader for her work as a women’s leadership expert and business coach has been selected as this year’s winner of the BBPA Harry Jerome Professional Excellence Award.

Meet The Halifax Entrepreneur Whose Driving Force Is The ‘Economic Power Of Women’

When Eleanor Beaton was just a teenager, her mother told her a truth. She didn’t realize it at the time, but that truth would set Beaton on her career path.


Top Business Tips For Female Founders

Eleanor Beaton shares her top business tips for female founders with Melissa Houston. She argues that building a business solely around revenue generation will set you up for frustration and stress and explains why building a business ecosystem is a better alternative.

Setting a Sufficiency Mindset

On this episode of No Labels, No Limits, Eleanor talks to Sarah Boxx about going after seemingly “impossible goals” and redefining relationships with money and time.


I’m Biracial, But Rejected My Blackness For Years. Here’s Why I Stopped Passing For White.

How Eleanor has come to reconcile the intersection of her different identities, and how she finally gave herself permission to release responsibility whenever someone doesn’t understand “who she is” or “where she comes from.”


Saint John nurse leaves hospital career to create interior spaces for health-care workers

Eleanor talks about how the stressors that have been placed on women in health care have accelerated the rate at which women are leaving their jobs to start a business.

WIL Talk (Women in Leadership Talk)

On this episode of WIL Talk Eleanor talks about “How conforming to the status quo tanks your Confidence.”

Inspiring Conversations with the Unafraid

On this episode of the Fearless Women Podcast Eleanor talks to Janice Macdonald about her views on “lifestyle” business stigma.

Showing Up Authentically on Social Media

On this episode of Saavy Social Eleanor talks to Andréa Jones about building online authority with an authentic voice and overcoming imposter syndrome.