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The Pain Audit with Eleanor Beaton

The Pain Audit

Eleanor Beaton

If you want to remain an overworked consultant, keep “managing your time”. But if you are genuinely committed to building a business that delivers Cash, Influence and Autonomy, then you need to stop “managing your time” and instead focus on building the assets that set you free.

Judge Judy meme

Biz lessons from the highest paid human in television

Eleanor Beaton

Last year, the Judge took home a cool 47 million from her show, which has been in syndication for 25 seasons. This was ON TOP of the $100 million she commanded from CBS when she sold them her Judge Judy library (of shows she had ALREADY PREVIOUSLY SOLD THEM!). And lest you think you can’t teach an old dawg new tricks, last month Judge Judy took her cash machine, I mean, TV show, and sold it to Amazon, where soon people around the world will be able to hear her tell off unsuspecting cheaters, philanderers, petty thieves and various other hapless pseudo criminals.