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Anchored Intelligence with Eleanor Beaton | The Dark Side of Business Featuring Jenny Radcliffe

The Dark Side of Business Featuring Jenny Radcliffe

Eleanor Beaton

“So often in business, we can be driven not only by great things, but also revenge and power.” That’s a quote by Jenny Radcliffe who is a world-renowned social engineer, a.k.a people hacker. She’s well-known in the cybersecurity community globally, and has been called a mind reader, human lie detector, and even likened to a Jedi knight.

This week, Eleanor and Jenny are getting into the dark side of business, and specifically, the dark side of people. Learning the difference between someone who is in integrity and someone who isn’t actually that good of a person has become important in business, and while you probably won’t have to utilize this skill much, it’s incredibly helpful.

Tune in today to hear what Jenny’s expertise in social engineering entails, and how she uses her skills to help her clients who range from global corporations and law enforcement organizations to poker players and politicians. She’s sharing fascinating insights on how we can keep ourselves secure online, her tips for remaining calm under pressure, and how to detect when we’re in the presence of a liar.

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Today on Anchored Intelligence:

  • How Jenny’s childhood experiences shaped her career.
  • The observations Jenny has made about the business cultures that are hacker-proof.
  • How she handles the stress of being in unpredictable situations as a social engineer.
  • What makes the security of your business vulnerable.
  • How to cope in high-pressure situations.
  • Jenny’s top tips on learning about people.
  • How to detect when you’re in the presence of a liar.
  • Jenny’s advice for keeping yourself safe online.

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