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EP159 Be You, No Apologies with Amanda Coolong

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP159 Be You, No Apologies with Amanda Coolong
Throughout every industry, we frequently hear successful entrepreneurs say that it’s important to be authentic in the way you present yourself to the world. But, oftentimes, the reason why being authentic and being yourself is so important and the impact it can have on your career or business is rarely discussed.

My guest today is Amanda Coolong. She is the Senior Digital Media Executive, content strategist, and serves as the Co-Chair and Head of Content for the company, Women in Technology International – a global organization and leading authority for women in the technology trade. Additionally, she is a founding partner and COO at Tech Zulu, an established podcaster, and has interviewed hundreds of the top leaders in the tech ecosystem for a wide variety of events including CES, South by Southwest, and Blog World.

Amanda joins me today to share her insight and experience on how being you – unapologetically – and being unafraid to be seen, heard, and network with others can help you grow your network and give your career and business the success boost you need in 2017.


“It’s okay to toot your own horn. Do not be afraid to own your own work.” – Amanda Coolong


Today on the Fierce Feminine Leadership Podcast:

  • The things Amanda has done throughout her STEM career to excel in a technical field as a woman with a diverse, alternative background
  • The evolution of her career and the most significant turning points
  • The changes and adaptations she has made throughout her career to achieve success
  • The “soft skills” she developed and the payoffs of building a network
  • Her biggest career challenges and how she overcame them
  • The importance of having “personal cheerleaders,” mentors, coaches, and a strong support system
  • The benefits of positioning yourself as an angel investor


Amanda Coolong’s Advice to Women in STEM:

  1. Join WITI
  2. Support other women’s organizations in tech by joining and attending events
  3. Don’t be afraid to speak on panels
  4. Write about women in technology, the issues, the challenges, and the opportunities
  5. Get active on social media
  6. Start investing in women-led companies
  7. Invest in mentorship


Amanda’s Top 3 Success Tips:

  1. Be authentically you.
  2. Don’t be afraid. Fear is the mind-killer.
  3. Reach your hand out to help another woman.


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