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EP241 How to Crush it in Politics with Debbie Halvorson Bush

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP241 How to Crush it in Politics with Debbie Halvorson Bush
Debbie Halvorson Bush started her career in politics in 1993 when she ran and won as a clerk in the state of Illinois. She is the first female Senate Majority Leader of Illinois and a former representative for Illinois’ 11th Congressional District. Debbie is currently the President and CEO of Solutions Unlimited, a government relations firm, and American Eagle Logistics.


Debbie joins me today to share the values she has learned from her upbringing that gave her the confidence to play ball with the big boys in politics. She also shares the importance of time management, giving your all in everything you do, and remembering your values in the growth and success of your career and your business.



“You can’t do anything halfway. You have to throw yourself in, and you can’t rely on anybody else to do it for you.” – Debbie Halvorson Bush




Today on the Fierce Feminine Leadership Podcast:


  • What prompted her to work in politics
  • What she learned about herself in the process of getting in there, competing, and doing the legwork
  • What it takes to win professionally
  • The relationship between confidence and commitment
  • How vital time-management and planning out your day is
  • Why there’s a reluctance for women to run for public office
  • The biggest challenge while she was a public servant
  • Lessons from the political sphere that help her be a stronger leader in business
  • The benefits of keeping a journal and writing your experiences
  • The challenges of transitioning from public office to a logistics company


Debbie’s Advice for Fierce Feminine Leaders:


  • Look at yourself in the mirror and remember your values. Don’t ever give up on your values.
  • Don’t let anybody change you. Never forget where you came from.


Connect with Debbie Halvorson Bush:




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