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EP245 Thinking is Sexy with Kishau Rogers

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP245 Thinking is Sexy with Kishau Rogers

Kishau Rogers started her career as a programmer 24 years ago. Today, she is a serial technology entrepreneur and the CEO of Websmith Studio, Inc., a company that develops software for its partner organizations worldwide. Kishau is an active advisory board member of the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) School of Engineering and WAAW Foundation. She has been honored with the Wells Fargo STEM Award and the Lyn McDermid Community Impact Award and spends her time building her tribe and working on tech projects that can solve real problems.

Kishau joins me on today’s episode to share her mission to make thinking sexy again by applying computer science thinking principles as tools in building real solutions that matter. She talks about how leaders can effectively wrangle with complexity by hiring thinkers as well as her insights on the power of building tribes with the latter being the key to unlocking true diversity and inclusion, not only in the workplace but also in the world.


“If people help you define it, then they own it with you.” – Kishau Rogers


Today on the Fierce Feminine Leadership Podcast:

  • The critical elements of keeping women in STEM
  • The “secret sauce” that allowed her to thrive in the industry
  • When she realized she needed more thinkers in her group
  • The advantages of having thinkers in the team
  • What a “tribe” is
  • How to start building a tribe
  • Where things go wrong when creating a team
  • What triggered her to start her own company
  • How she developed the discipline to restructure the business and do what she’s good at
  • How the business shifted when she restructured her organization
  • Why scaling and having big ideas you can’t execute are the biggest challenges for her
  • What gave her the desire to open another startup business


Kishau’s Advice for Fierce Feminine Leaders:

  • You have to be clear about what you’re good at, what you can offer, and what people need.
  • Resourcefulness gives you creativity and helps you figure out how to stay alive.
  • Be transparent and clear on outcomes.


Connect with Kishau Rogers:


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