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EP253 The Art of a Big Career in a Big Company with Christine Cooper

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP253 The Art of a Big Career in a Big Company with Christine Cooper
Christine Cooper is the Head of the Canadian Corporate Finance Division for BMO Financial Group and is known to develop and lead high-performing teams. She is customer-focused and a trusted advisor to her clients. Christine is also a speaker and fundraiser who supports community organizations by playing an active role as a board member.

Christine joins me today to share how authenticity, openness, and transparency play a role in having a big career in a big company. She shares how to build strong teams and culture inside organizations, the significance of having diversity around leadership, and the importance of growing your network and expanding your skill set in preparation for that significant career move.


“A couple of things that I found that has always been helpful is being authentic, being myself, and asking lots of different questions.” – Christine Cooper


Today on the Fierce Feminine Leadership Podcast:

  • Being task-oriented vs. outcome-oriented
  • How to quickly gain new trust when working with a new team
  • Why Christine makes time to meet with her team individually and in a group setting
  • Practical strategies and efforts for team building
  • How she balances the need to be alone to think things through while making herself available to the team members
  • Decisions that have been fundamental to her success in a big company
  • Why it’s essential to be willing to make lateral moves
  • Strategies she uses to become more effective in meetings
  • How to increase visibility in the workplace


Christine’s Advice on Fierce Feminine Leaders:

  • To build your team, remember that people need to have fun, especially if you’re working in a formal environment.
  • If you can, don’t micromanage but make yourself available to your team members whenever necessary.
  • Try new things and challenge yourself.
  • Be willing to make lateral moves.
  • Build relationships outside your own area.



Connect with Christine Cooper:


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