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EP384 Aim Conflation

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP384 Aim Conflation

The missions and visions we develop for our businesses matter. Developing a clear “why” can provide perspective and depth to a brand and provide momentum and clarity to our higher purpose in life. But what can happen if we are too hyperfocused on our mission without the proper structures and processes to back it up?

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Today, I share what aim conflation is and how it can arise within mission-driven businesses if leaders do not prioritize proper organizational structures and strategies first and foremost. I highlight the risks of being distracted by the enormity of your mission and how this can prevent you from building a truly effective business model. I also discuss how grounding your business in practical action can provide you with the capacity to give back and do more good in the world than ever before.




“It takes an unwavering faith and belief in the worthiness of your vision, in the validity of your ability to produce results, and in your ability as a leader to make the impossible happen.”- Eleanor Beaton




Today on the Fierce Feminine Leadership Podcast:


  • How aim conflation may be slowing down your business’s growth
  • Why being an entrepreneur can feel like doing the impossible
  • Why building a business takes conviction, not just confidence
  • How I define radical conviction and why you need it as you move into 2020
  • The importance of knowing your mission, vision, and “why”
  • What happens if you have multiple visions and missions for your business
  • What aim conflation is and how it can arise when your focus is primarily on your mission
  • Why it is essential to keep up with the structure of your business, not just the vision alone
  • The importance of focus in business
  • Two things that a business is set up to do and what a business is not inherently built to do
  • Why your vision is the North Star of your business
  • How to structure your time so you can organize your business and dive into your mission wholeheartedly



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