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EP392 7-Figure Selling – Innovate to Millions With Kelly Roach

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP392 7-Figure Selling – Innovate to Millions With Kelly Roach

Kelly Roach is a business expert, coach, and the creator of the Live Launch Method, helping entrepreneurs and business owners leverage and scale businesses in the online space and make million-dollar breakthroughs. Known as The Business Catalyst, Kelly has led groundbreaking teams as a Fortune 500 executive, and her expertise has appeared on platforms including ABC, NBC, Inc. Magazine and Forbes. Kelly is the author of Unstoppable and Bigger than YOU and host of the Unstoppable Success Radio podcast.

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Kelly joins me today to share her insight on how you can innovate your way to millions by being brave enough to take a risk. She highlights the importance of allowing yourself to fail on the road to your big breakthrough, and why so many of us stick with the status quo and fail to embrace innovation. Kelly also provides insight on how to reframe setbacks, adopt a mindset of continued conviction, and step into a new, up-leveled version of yourself.




“We all have this unlimited human potential. Whatever we set our minds to, we can create.“ – Kelly Roach


Today on the Fierce Feminine Leadership Podcast:

  • The importance of looking at your problems through an opportunistic lens
  • Characteristics of radical conviction and what contributes to the willingness to be creative
  • Kelly’s upbringing and an insight she gained in middle school about money and problem-solving
  • The many jobs and responsibilities Kelly juggled in her young adulthood, including being an NFL cheerleader
  • Kelly’s belief in the power of the human potential and how she gravitated towards coaching
  • The type of student Kelly was and how her work ethic contributed to her success
  • How a desire to find purpose and freedom led to a career shift in Kelly’s journey
  • The two different mindsets people approach entrepreneurship from
  • The power of innovation and how Kelly came up with the idea of her Live Launch
  • Where almost all significant innovations and breakthroughs come from
  • How we tend to approach problems and what problems really are
  • How Kelly approached her launch strategy when she noticed things going off-track
  • The new strategy Kelly implemented, where she placed her focus, and the results of doing so
  • The relationship between innovation, failure, and courage, and Kelly’s creative process for approaching innovation
  • Why people stay stuck on the same problems for long periods of time
  • Innovation’s role in the world of business and what it takes to become aligned with growth
  • The competitive advantage that comes with conviction, drive, and innovation
  • How solving unsolved problems can change the game for you professionally
  • How Kelly’s mindset allows her to continually cultivate her conviction and the importance of utilizing every ounce of potential you have

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