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EP432: What Elite Personal Brands Have in Common

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP432: What Elite Personal Brands Have in Common

You know you are supposed to have a strong personal brand, but what does that even mean? And more importantly, how do you evolve your personal brand as you grow and as your company grows? 

There is a lot of confusion and overcomplication around marketing from your personal brand or from your company brand. Which voice should you use, and how do you separate them? I’m going to address this confusion in today’s episode, and take it a level deeper to help you evolve further.

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There is one thing that the most elite personal brands and top influential leaders have in common. It isn’t the time they wake up or how they organize their schedules. It’s not even in the product or services they sell. It’s inside of them.

On today’s podcast, I’m delving into what makes a personal brand successful and how you can nurture yours into an evolved, elite position in the market. Evolving your personal brand goes hand in hand with personal development. So, I’m sharing how powerful your personal reputation is for your company’s success, some ways to nurture your eccentricities, and how you can achieve the highest level of a personal brand.

Today on the Power + Presence + Position Podcast:

  • What a personal brand is and how it evolves over time.
  • One of the foundational principles of personal development that you need to know.
  • Where we go after the discovery phase of personal branding.
  • The highest evolution of a personal brand.
  • Some examples of notoriously eccentric leaders.
  • Some things I want you to consider and nurture as you evolve.

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