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EP444: What Is a Jewel Business?

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP444: What Is a Jewel Business?

After doing thousands of interviews with women entrepreneurs around the world and over a decade of research, I’ve developed a model unlike anything else out there: the Jewel Business Model. This model attempts to bring a harmonious answer to the question, what do we as women entrepreneurs really want?

Most business models leave something to be desired for women. They focus solely on profitability and economic growth, and leave out our desire to make an impact or create freedom in our schedules. Most balance sheets ignore a big part of what success means to us.

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I love the Jewel Business Model because it’s for ambitious women who want to create businesses that grow through assets, not the founder’s hustle. It’s about envisioning your entrepreneurial goals without getting perfectionistic about them. Entrepreneurs who use this model, like many of my clients, achieve total life success.

In this week’s episode, I lay out a very unique, effective, and all-encompassing model for women entrepreneurs to use in their businesses. If you want more cash, autonomy, and influence, you need the tools found in the Jewel Business Model. I share what a jewel business is, what it is not, and how women are championing the conversation around total life success with this model.

Today on the Power + Presence + Position Podcast:

  • What I learned from thousands of interviews and consults with women entrepreneurs.
  • What total life success is and why women want it.
  • Why I think it’s degrading to be labeled a “lifestyle business.”
  • What a jewel business is and why this model is so compelling to women entrepreneurs.
  • The differences between a star business and a jewel business.
  • How impossible goals can be a disservice to your business.

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