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EP455: Disqualify Selling

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP455: Disqualify Selling

Today, we are exploring disqualify selling. Disqualification is all about drawing clear boundaries around who your brand, company, and offerings are not for. When you do it right, you can catapult your brand to cult status, grow your revenue to heights you’ve never seen, and make the process of closing sales much more elegant and refined. 

At its core, the power of disqualification is the energy of saying no. This complex business tactic requires you to clearly state to your marketplace not only who you are for but also who you are not serving. It is up to you to define your niche market and to make them your focal point.

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Using this method isn’t just a matter of implementing it into your business processes. It’s a mindset change. The disqualification method requires you to have an abundance mindset since it, theoretically, restricts your audience. By taking this action, you cultivate immense loyalty from your people.

I invite you to really consider who you’re spending your marketing dollars focusing on and if those are the people you truly want to serve. Find out how disqualify selling works, why you need to consider it, and how to start implementing it in your business today. If you’re serious about refining your niche and growing your revenue, then this is a method you have to check out.

Today on the Power + Presence + Position Podcast:

  • What disqualify selling is.
  • The ways you can use disqualification selling.
  • How disqualification increases sales and revenue.
  • How customer mentality changes when you exclude instead of making a product “for everyone.”
  • How to implement disqualify selling.
  • Why it is useful for people to self-deselect before they ever reach out to you.
  • How to get rid of pricing objections using disqualification selling.

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