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EP459: How to Avoid Broke Millionaire Syndrome with Jackie Porter

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP459: How to Avoid Broke Millionaire Syndrome with Jackie Porter

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Revenue is vanity and profit is sanity”? The idea is that it’s not how much money you make, it’s actually how much of it you keep. There are plenty of 7-figure earners out there, but not all of them are wealthy. Some are actually broke.

I would love for you to both make and keep a ton of money because doing so brings so much peace of mind and freedom. To help you understand how to build a business that results in you being wealthy and not broke, I’ve invited the Queen of Money herself onto the show today.

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Jackie Porter is an entrepreneur, author, media commentator and financial expert who helps women entrepreneurs like us make money, keep money, and avoid becoming broke millionaires. Women entrepreneurs don’t have the same opportunities as male entrepreneurs to build wealth, and Jackie is passionate about changing that. 

In today’s episode, Jackie and I discuss the differences between closing sales in your business and having something to show for it. We talk about the importance of women increasing their financial literacy and some ways you can do that, as well as her advice for managing your money and building wealth. To get the cash, influence, and autonomy we all want, we need to learn more about our money and start nurturing positive relationships with it.

Today on the Power + Presence + Position Podcast:

  • What a broke millionaire is and the reasons some entrepreneurs become them.
  • How it’s more expensive to be a woman than a man.
  • How patriarchal judgement holds women back from learning about their money.
  • Where Jackie’s passion for the economic empowerment of women comes from.
  • What the Rule of 72 is and how to use it.
  • Some simple practices to build a positive relationship with money.
  • How to find the right accountant to advise you on building wealth.

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