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EP65 Biz Lessons From the 550 Million Dollar Man Charles Chang

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP65 Biz Lessons From the 550 Million Dollar Man Charles Chang

Tunnel-vision. It is one of the biggest obstacles many successful women in business face. And, not just women – men also become so highly focused on their niche, industry, or job function that they are unable to see the value in other people’s insight.

The small plant-based nutritional supplement product company grew rapidly and in 2015, Charles sold the company to White Wave Foods for a cool $550-million dollars. Shortly after selling his company, he decided to give the Simon Frazier University it’s largest gift ever – $10-million to found the Charles Chang Institute for Entrepreneurship. The institute provides training for students of all disciplines, not only in business, so they can learn more about and receive a certification in innovation and entrepreneurship. He is also the founder of Lyra Growth Partners, a company that provides capital and coaching services to emerging consumer brands that are looking to create explosive growth in the marketplace.

Charles joins me on the show to share his insight, wisdom, experience, and advice with my Fierce Feminine Tribe and share his strategies of success that has helped him quickly and successfully grow his business.

“If we have the ability, we should also have the responsibility.” – Charles Chang


Here’s a Breakdown of Today’s Show:

  • Charles explains how he got started as an entrepreneur.
  • He explains how he created Vega.
  • He explains what he feels were his top, core skills in growing his company.
  • He talks about the challenges he faced financially while growing the company from the ground up in its early stages.
  • He tells us how long it took him from self-investing in the business to a period of where it became profitable.
  • He talks about his strategies and whether they evolved over time or were based on “trial and error.”
  • He explains how he was able to find or create a work/life balance that worked for him and his family.
  • He explains why he decided to help other entrepreneurial-minded individuals and why doing so was significantly important to him.
  • He talks about what Lyra Growth Partners is and how he helps other entrepreneurs.


Charles’ Powerful Advice for FFL Entrepreneurs & Intra-preneurs:

  • Personal accountability
  • Set goals like you mean it and really go after them
  • Internalize – look for internal reinforcement instead of external.


Connect with Charles:


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My guest on the show today, Charles Chang, is entrepreneur and founder of the Vancouver, B.C., Canada-based company, Vega. Charles literally built Vega from the ground up, staring out in his basement in 2004 and financed the business from his life savings, getting a second mortgage on his house, using 4 credit cards, and selling his truck.