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High Ticket Group Programs: The Unfiltered Truth

Eleanor Beaton

This post is only for you IF you either offer or want to offer high ticket group programs.

This post is NOT about offering “online courses” priced under 1k. This post is about creating, running, and launching high ticket group programs.

I don’t need to tell you how Covid accelerated the growth of online learning. Market research firm Global Industry Analysts projected the online learning industry will TRIPLE its 2015 revenues by 2025 to the tune of $325 Billion.

But just as online learning revenues are exploding, women like you and I are craving connection, thought partnership, meaningful discussion, and supported sustainable growth…

All of which high ticket group programs provide.  

I will be hosting a 2-day virtual summit in May that will provide training on creating, launching, and scaling high ticket programs. We will cover the following:

  • The critical difference between high ticket group programs and online courses…and why a failure to understand the difference is why so many smart women go broke trying to fake it for Insta while making no profits on their online courses;
  • The difference between connection and community, and what high ticket buyers actually want;
  • Practical strategies for selling high ticket programs to corporate buyers who will purchases blocks of seats at a time and/or intact programs
  • Exactly how many people you should have in your high ticket program
  • Tips for enhancing your high ticket group programs…
  • What it actually means to scale a high ticket group program,
  • And a whole hell of a lot more.

I have set some tickets aside for my existing clients and outside this, I will be offering a total of 40 spots for this workshop.

If you are still reading this, let’s be honest, it’s because you are curious about improving, creating, and scaling a high ticket program.  Therefore, attending the summit would likely be a smart option for you. Alas, tickets are not yet on sale. Therefore I strongly encourage you to register for the waitlist herewith. Our waitlist is filling up and as a result, we may not end up even being able to offer any tickets to non- waitlist folks. So you know what to do...get thyself registered for the waitlist.