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Anchored Intelligence with Eleanor Beaton | 7 Money Beliefs from My Top Earning Clients

7 Money Beliefs from My Top Earning Clients

Eleanor Beaton

What are your specific beliefs about money? Are you aware of whether they serve you or sabotage you? Have you dedicated time to exploring and examining your money beliefs as you pursue growth and profitability for your business?

Having a really solid money mindset is critical when it comes to scaling your business. While believing and affirming new money beliefs can’t replace great financial management practices and skills, Eleanor has seen a few common money beliefs among her highest-earning clients, and she’s sharing them with you on this episode.

Listen in this week to discover the importance of harnessing the right money mindset and the consequences of not being aware of your money beliefs. Eleanor is walking you through seven money beliefs from the women entrepreneurs she’s personally worked with who have generated the fastest revenue growth, biggest profitability, and made swings not only in business revenue but in their personal financial wellbeing too.

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Today on Anchored Intelligence:

  • Why having a great money mindset is critical for scaling your business.
  • What happens when you don’t have the right money mindset.
  • How to embrace being in business for the money.
  • 2 ways to ensure you’re driving profitability in your business.
  • Why you have to allow other people to be wrong about you if you want success.
  • 7 money beliefs from Eleanor’s highest-earning clients.

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