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(Sales Training) How To Compete In A Saturated Market

Eleanor Beaton
Fierce One,

I have two resources to help you improve your sales.

  1. How to compete in a saturated market

Does the world REALLY need another (insert your specialty here)?

If you operate inside a “saturated” market, you will want to watch this micro-training I released this week.

In it, I share 13 tips to help you compete in a saturated market.

It’s well worth your time.

Go here to watch the training.

  1. I paid $374 for two beauty products I could have bought for $40. Here’s what I learned about selling.

There is a TRULY hilarious moment in this Facebook live training

The moment I realize my husband has hopped on one of my FB lives (the first time he has watched one live), just as I relate how I spent $374 on two products that I could have bought for $40.

In the video, I break down the experience and share 6 POWERFUL tips that will help you improve your sales skills.

You will need to be a member of our Fierce Feminine Leadership group to see the video. If you’re not yet a member, just click here to join.

Have a brilliant weekend!


PS. Are you focused on growing your sales this year? If you’d like to know how I might help you do that, click here to schedule a call with Kim or Talica from my team.