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Power Presence Position Eleanor Beaton | Scaling a Jewel Business (aka The 500K Offer) with Moe Carrick

EP527: Scaling a Jewel Business (aka The 500K Offer) with Moe Carrick

Eleanor Beaton

Over the last two decades, Moe Carrick has created a lucrative, in-demand, and respected consulting company that has served an incredible roster of high-caliber clients around the world. However, being time-starved and so connected to hustle proved to be unsustainable, both in her career and family life.

The double bind of being both a parent and an entrepreneur is painful. We all dream of having the kind of freedom to show up to all your kids’ events, or to take a month-long vacation. Moe Carrick craved open time, as defined in the Jewel Business Model, and she decided it was time to get out of an unscalable business model to take control of her calendar, reinvent her company, and scale past seven figures in the process.

Tune in to hear Moe Carrick’s journey of scaling a Jewel business, the benefits she’s experiencing in her life now, and how her case study was our inspiration for the 500K Offer. She’s sharing the pivotal moment she decided it was time to make the required changes that her life, business, and impact deserves, and her evolving relationship with time as a precious commodity.

If you want to know more about creating a high-impact scalable offer of your own, join us for the free masterclass – The 500K Offer: Learn to Create Scalable Offer That Will Change Your Business… and Transform Your Life.

Today on the Power + Presence + Position Podcast:

  • The benefits and drawbacks of hustling in the early days of Moe’s entrepreneurial career.
  • Moe’s evolving relationship with time.
  • How the Jewel Business Model helped Moe create a $500K offer and take a four-week sabbatical.
  • The pain of being trapped in an unscalable business model.
  • How Moe carved out the time to make transitions in a successful business with a full client roster.
  • The key pieces that have allowed Moe to implement 30% open time.
  • Moe’s advice for anyone who is in the double bind of being a parent and an entrepreneur.

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