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Anchored Intelligence with Eleanor Beaton | How to Sell 250K Books On A Miniscule Marketing Budget Featuring Rob Fitzpatrick

How to Sell 250K Books On A Miniscule Marketing Budget Featuring Rob Fitzpatrick

Eleanor Beaton

Do you feel called to write, publish, and sell a book that makes consistent bank and has a huge impact over the long term? Or maybe you feel sick and tired of marketing, just want to sell, make an impact, and rest on your laurels. Either way, this episode is full of gems that will help you do just that.

Rob Fitzpatrick is the real deal when it comes to creating books, workshops, courses, and products that turn people into super-fans. Rob has been running businesses for the past 20 years and has authored three books about his learnings along the way, which have sold over 250K copies and are taught at universities like Harvard and MIT, and he’s here today to share his insights on book marketing and so much more. 

Listen in this week as Eleanor quizzes Rob on how to create an evangelical customer base whose word-of-mouth does the work of selling for you. They’re exploring how people tend to create content that isn’t recommendable, what makes products sell repeatedly, the importance of recommendability, and Rob’s top tips for creating a recommendation loop.

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Today on Anchored Intelligence:

  • What a recommendation loop is and why it’s important for entrepreneurs.
  • How Rob interprets his own recommendability.
  • The importance of understanding who you’re writing for.
  • Why people create content that isn’t recommendable.
  • The power of a back catalog.
  • How empathy is a crucial factor in content creation.
  • Rob’s insights on how to balance confidence and humility.
  • The role of beta readings and Rob’s beta reading practices.

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