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Anchored Intelligence with Eleanor Beaton | The Psychology Behind Making People Care About Your Social Mission Featuring Andrea Feigl

The Psychology Behind Making People Care About Your Social Mission Featuring Andrea Feigl

Eleanor Beaton

If your business is anchored in driving social change like ours is at Safi Media, you’ll resonate with the challenge that exists around using your business as a container to drive systemic change in the world. Eleanor’s guest this week is a powerful example of a woman entrepreneur who is using the vessel of entrepreneurship to right a global wrong, specifically, the wrong that is chronic disease.

Dr. Andrea Feigl, PhD MPH, is the founder and CEO of the Health Finance Institute, a former researcher at Harvard Chan School of Public Health, and a former health economist with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Her work is all about solving some of the thorniest issues that continue to plague the world, and she’s here this week to share how she’s using her business to make a difference in the international development space.

This episode is full of gems for any entrepreneur who has a social mission. Listen in this week to hear how Andrea is using entrepreneurship to right the global wrong of chronic disease, the psychology behind making people care about your vision, and the practices Andrea uses to organize her time as she engages in different priorities.

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Today on Anchored Intelligence:

  • What Andrea’s career path looks like.
  • The problems that the Health Finance Institute tackles. 
  • Why figuring out how to make people care about health is a big part of Andrea’s work.
  • The kind of team Andrea needs to develop a standardized health impact score.
  • How Andrea is balancing staying intellectually honest and being marketable.
  • What she’s learned that has enhanced her ability to bring honesty and marketability together.
  • The psychology behind why we let big problems go unaddressed.

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