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Women Don’t Ask For Help- 5 Ways To Do It

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
Women Don’t Ask For Help- 5 Ways To Do It

An interesting point was mentioned during my last episode while interviewing Vicki Saunders, the founder of SheEO. She said that women are not asking for help in their businesses – that many women feel they need to do everything on their own in order to be, or feel, successful and accomplished. In reality, though, it is incredibly hard to do everything on your own without asking for help and developing a team.

In this episode, I want to share some tips with you on five ways you can ask for help, and three ways you can ask in the right way.

5 Ways You Can Ask for Help:

  1. Ask for Introductions
  • An introduction is a powerful pre-framing technique in terms of positioning and allowing you to gain access to that person’s network.
  1. Ask People to Spread the Word Through Their Social Media Networks
  • Ninja Move Tip: When asking people to spread the word through their social media platforms, give them an image and some text they can use to promote.
  1. Ask for Advice
  • A wise woman once said, “When you ask for money, you get advice. When you ask for advice, you get money.”
  1. Have a Focus Group or Advisory Board
  2. Interview People

3 Tips on How To Ask for Help In the Right Way

  1. Be Mindful of a Person’s Time
  • Follow the 10-minute rule: “Hey, can we chat for about 10 minutes on the phone? I really need some advice.”
  1. Know What You Want
  • Having a clear picture of what you want and how it fits into your business’ “bigger picture” will help others help and collaborate with you easier and more efficiently.
  1. Have a Beginner’s Mindset
  • Maintain a balance between being open to information and closing down the information so you can implement.

“The most dangerous thing that can happen to a leader is that she begins to cut herself off from information” – Eleanor Beaton


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