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Frequently Asked Questions 

Dawn Cone, Founder of Detroit based DSC Consulting which specializes in organizational and team performance, joined us because work was exhausting her, and she knew her hustle mentality wasn’t going to secure the type of growth she wanted. Specifically she wanted to find other ways of marketing and to revise her business model. As a result of the work she did inside the program, Dawn was able to grow her LinkedIn Audience by 66.67%, grow an existing contract, AND increase her fees which resulted in an additional $25K.

Teresa Vozza, former CHRO of a global insurance company turned founder of a Toronto based coaching startup, reached out to Safi Media because she knew she was in the midst of a significant transition inside her business. She was an expert in her craft, but was overwhelmed by marketing and knew she needed more clarity around who she served and how she solved their problem. As a direct result from the niche and messaging work we do inside Power + Presence + Position, Teresa raised her prices with confidence, which resulted in a 2x of her investment by the fourth week.

Afton Brazzoni, founder of Calgary based Scribe National and B2B marketing expert, enrolled in Power + Presence + Position  because she was stretched thin doing too much customized work. Because her niche was unclear, she was doing too many things for too many people. Thanks to the coaching she received, Afton was able to niche without fear and identify her core services. This focus bought back her sanity and enabled her to create business assets. These changes led her to earn back her investment while she was in the program.

Graduates have found that their newly generated business value was the mechanism that allowed them to uplevel their leadership skills, elevate their profiles, and build increased confidence in their ability to lead the company they want.

Over 40% of the women in Power Presence Position Business Accelerator earned their money back before completing the program. 100% of our participants surveyed said they would strongly recommend the program to a friend.

You will have a 1:1 coaching session as part of your investment. Few clients require additional support outside of the Strategic Advisory and CCI calls, but should that happen simply reach out to your coach.

We work with established entrepreneurs who are exceptional teachers, consultants, service providers and transformational coaches. They represent multiple industries like HR, Leadership Development, Healthcare, Law, Wellness, Personal Development and more.

Yes! Eleanor leads the weekly Strategic Advisory Calls and each week you have the ability to receive personalized feedback and coaching from her on your business.

Members can submit questions for the Strategic Advisory with Eleanor. We are generally able to have fulsome discussions on all questions or discussion points submitted. The CCI calls are facilitated by our coaches, but led by our clients 🙂 It’s an opportunity to draw from the expertise and resources available in the group and check in

2.5 hours for the weekly calls and another 1-2 hours for the curriculum

Step 1: Ensure you meet the “You are a great fit for this program” criteria (below). 

Step 2: Take 10-15 minutes to submit your confidential application form. 

Step 3: Safi Media will review your application. If we think you are a fit, we will schedule a brief call to discuss your application, answer your questions and provide any additional information you need in order to make a decision about whether to enroll. We send you a brief customized program overview that you can read and review. 

Step 4: You pay your registration fee and select your start date. You may start your work with us anywhere from 1-8 weeks from your application date.