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EP 70 How to Say YES To Career-Making Opportunities with Christine Nigro

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP 70 How to Say YES To Career-Making Opportunities with Christine Nigro

When opportunity comes knocking on your door… what do you do? Do you weigh the pros and cons of accepting that new position or working on that new project? Or do you immediately say ‘Sure, I’ll try that!’ My guest today has worked her way up through the leadership ranks throughout her career by never turning down a challenge. Christine Nigro, Vice-Chairwoman of AXA Advisors, LLC and Managing Director for AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company based in New York, joins me today to give you powerful advice on climbing the leadership ladder toward career success.

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She shares her story about how she never turned down an opportunity, even when she knew she didn’t check all of the qualification boxes to complete a new project or accept a new job – and in doing so, she explains how her “never say no to a challenge” motto has helped her advance her career far beyond the norm. She shares practical advice on what you can do to help grow your networking team, find people willing to sponsor and vouch for your skills, as well as how to speak up in a board room meeting when you don’t agree with something being said without coming off too aggressively to your co-workers and peers.

“When presented with an opportunity to learn something, don’t worry about where it will take you in your career. Just take the opportunity.” – Christine Nigro


Here’s a Breakdown of Today’s Show:

  • Christine’s journey to success – how she became an expert in running local businesses for large international companies.
  • Why she believes it’s important for women to be willing to take risks.
  • How asking continually asking questions helped her advance her career.
  • Why she believes women should focus on things they are good at.
  • Why she believes it’s important to identify the people who can help you.
  • What role has sponsors played in her career and how has she found them.
  • How critical was it for her to be in an operational role and why we don’t see more women accepting these roles?


Christine’s 3 Practical Tips for Being Assertive Without Being Aggressive:

  1. State your concern in the form of a question.
  2. Be willing to “wear some labels.”
  3. Allow people to have some of the culture they grew up with.


Christine’s Top 3 Pieces of Advice:

  1. You really have to like what you are doing.
  2. Let your natural competitiveness out and allow it to be seen by others.
  3. Find the fun in everything you do.

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