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EP69 5 Signs You’re A Mansplainer

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP69 5 Signs You’re A Mansplainer

Mansplainers. Ladies, you know what they are – even if you’ve never heard the term. Mansplaining is a blend of the words “man” and “explaining.” Its when you are explaining something to someone – most often a man to a woman – in such a way that is condescending or patronizing.

Today’s episode is all about the mansplainer. As you listen to today’s show, I want you to ask yourself: “Am I a mansplainer?”

Mansplaining has become a commonality throughout our lives and cultures. In fact, research has shown that female doctors are twice as likely to be interrupted by their patients as male doctors. Until recently, mansplaining has affected primarily women, but today, the tables are beginning to shift as more and more women begin to assert themselves professionally.

So, how do you know if you are a mansplainer?


5 Signs You Are A Mansplainer

  1. You lack the self-awareness to recognize – even after you’ve learned the description – whether or not you are a manslplainer. (For example: you’ve heard my description of a mansplainer, and still haven’t asked yourself if you fall into this description.)
  2. You automatically think you know more than women and it is your place to mentor, guide, and advise them? #HeresYourSign
  3. You frequently interrupt women on a regular basis.
  4. Women around you are not coming to you with their thoughts and ideas.
  5. You don’t ask many – if any – open-ended questions.


Are you a mansplainer?


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