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EP096 Secrets of High Performance With Dr. Emily Letran

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP096 Secrets of High Performance With Dr. Emily Letran

We strive to show women how to energize their power through the Fierce Feminine Leadership podcast, and we motivate them to step into their role as leaders of business. Everyone has a story of how they became successful entrepreneurs, and we always hear stories that are highly motivating, educational, and awe-inspiring. Our guest today is my good friend Dr. Emily Letran, who is a general dentist and owner of two multi-specialty group practices in Southern California, an ambitious entrepreneur, mom, and a successful high-performance coach. 


Dr. Emily is committed to continuous learning, investing in herself and taking courses around her specialty of clinical dentistry and practice management, marketing, business growth, and development. She is the author of several books, and she is dedicated to helping business people maximize their potential in life and business, streamline their business, and increase their profit.


On today’s episode, you’ll hear Dr. Emily’s amazing and moving personal story, her philosophy on life and business, and her strategies to help you become the best fierce feminine leader you can be.

“If you think of all the great leaders, no one grows a big business empire by themselves – everyone has a team of people behind them.” Dr. Emily Letran

Here’s a Breakdown of Today’s Show:

  • How did Emily create a successful life from her humble beginnings?
  • Emily shares her business strategy in regards to investments.
  • Emily gives us advice on how to plan your time around working on and in the business.
  • She tells us how her young child taught her a valuable life lesson and how it impacted her life.
  • Emily asks you a question and asks you to write down the answers so you can refer to it when you need to.
  • She gives you an alternative to the well-known ‘to do’ list that you can use in your life and your work.
  • You’ll get advice on another type of list that will help your productivity.
  • She gives you her perspective on ‘influence’ and how you can acquire it.


Connect with Dr. Emily Letran:


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