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EP114 Why I Created The Impact & Influence Leadership Lab For Women

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP114 Why I Created The Impact & Influence Leadership Lab For Women

Many high-achieving, highly-ambitious women find themselves frustrated with a gap in their market – something they know can be done better than what is currently available to the market today.

That’s why I created the Impact & Influence Leadership Lab for Women. This 6-week signature group coaching program was inspired out of my own frustration. A frustration of watching so many highly-ambitious, fierce feminine leaders working within large organizations or growing their own businesses, but lacking the confidence, influence, and presence they needed to really step into their power and advance their careers.

On today’s episode, I’m going to share with you why it is so important for women in business or corporate leadership roles to show up as confident, influential leaders. I’ll share how demonstrating your confidence and your ability to influence others can lead to career advancements, business growth, and opportunities you may have otherwise overlooked.


Influence, confidence, and the ability to stand out as an expert in your space is the best insurance you can have for growing your business or advancing your career.


Today on the Fierce Feminine Leadership Podcast:

  • Showing up as a confident competitor helps you gain the respect and credibility you deserve.
  • Women leaders need to be strategic in their networking skills to advance their careers and grow their businesses.
  • When you lack confidence, influence, and presence – you miss opportunities to grow as a female leader.
  • Why it’s important to engage in politics and how a lack of willingness to engage in politics can derail your career.
  • What you’ll get by registering for my Signature 6-week group coaching program.
  • How this program has helped other Fierce Feminine Leaders advance their careers, grow their businesses, and expand their network.


Dial Up Your Impact, Influence, and Income in 2017         


Are you ready to take your leadership and influence to the next level in 2017? Join the Impact & Influence Leadership Lab for Women with Eleanor Beaton – the world’s premier leadership training and implementation program designed specifically for female leaders! This is a 6-week mentoring program for professional, ambitious women in business who are ready to take their leadership skills to the next level and truly step into their power. Visit the Leadership Lab for Women website to see all of the amazing content, tools, and services you will receive by registering today to claim your seat at the table!   


Enrollment ends January 22, 2017.  





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