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EP122 5 Good Girl Habits To Break

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP122 5 Good Girl Habits To Break

On Todays Episode….. 

We’re discussing 5 “good girl” habits to break in order to unleash your true power as a leader. Ready to dive in? Let’s go: 


5 Good Girl Habits to Break 

Habit #1: Finishing your to-do list.  

As you advance, you will almost always have more complex tasks on your to-do list than you can possibly complete.  

Leadership is not about completing your to-do list, it is about deciding what on your to-do list you are going to bring the force of your attention to this day. 

Habit #2: Feeling the need to answer every question.  

She who asks the questions has control. If you are in a conversation and someone asks you a question that threatens to derail the conversation, consider responding with a question. 

Habit #3: Treating everyone equally.  

Triage your meeting requests according to those that line up most powerfully with your priorities. 

Habit #4: Respecting authority.  

Respect your own intentions, and self worth. 

Habit #5: Not playing hooky.  

Give yourself permission once and a while to play hooky. It will do wonders for your creativity. 


Helpful tips 

If you have another good girl habit that you want to break this year, I encourage you to let us know what it is. You can send us an email at [email protected]. While you are at it, I highly suggest that you head over to and download my fierce success pack. This is my e-book Success Secrets of Fierce Women in Business + 5 interviews with power house women in business who can give you great insight on how to advance your career and grow your business to the 7-figure mark in the end.