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EP125 5 Reasons Adversity is Your Best Friend

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP125 5 Reasons Adversity is Your Best Friend

I highlight some common reasons why adversity is not only your best friend, but an incredible tool for deepening your leadership.

 5 Great Reasons Why Adversity Is Your Friend

  1. It deepens your ability to empathize with people. It gives you a much broader range of experience that you can then use to connect more effectively with your staff, colleagues, stake holders and customers.
  2. It gives you great stories. You must learn how to use these stories provide examples and illuminate your meaning. The three most important types of stories to note are: “to hell and back”, “reversal”, and “hero saga” stories.
  3. It deepens your grit and your resilience. Anybody can have a dream. Anybody can have a goal. It takes a woman with true grit and resilience to see it through. You build up that grit and resilience through experiencing adversity.
  4. It helps you attract better people into your life. Game recognizes game meaning if you’ve experienced adversity, you’ll connect with others who have as well.
  5. It helps you appreciate what you have. Sometimes it takes getting down on your luck or experiencing a health wake up call to help you appreciate what you already have.


Final Thoughts……

If you are a fierce woman in business, adversity is your middle name. Understand that you can lean into adversity, see it for the gift that it is and embrace it. Make friends with adversity, because as long as you are trying, adversity is absolutely going to be a part of the journey and a part of the destination.


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