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EP124 How to Spot Your Unconscious Bias with Desiree Adaway

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP124 How to Spot Your Unconscious Bias with Desiree Adaway

Today I am talking Desiree Adaway, the Principal Owner at the Adaway Group based in Nashville, North Carolina. She specializes in leading difficult conversations on race, class, and gender and building resilient, equitable and inclusive organizations. One of her prime success factors is the incredible skill she has for not caring with other people think of her.  Her purpose is to move the needle on diversity and inclusiveness inside organizations.


What you will learn

  • How to help create more diversity and inclusiveness inside your organization, and how to implement these changes.
  • How to test where your unconscious bias lay in your organization
  • You will hear Desiree challenge Eleanor how the assertion that Facebook algorithms are making it harder to have a good broad diverse range of conversations.



We need to change our vision of who is the definition of a leader -most organizations are still very bias towards gender, specifically white males.

Women in positions of leadership and power can help move the needle on inclusiveness by becoming mentors to other women, specifically women of color.

Some of the most common forms of unconscious bias are:

  • where we are posting our job openings
  • who are we hiring
  • how we look
  • and how we judge people by the institutions that they have attended

Recognizing your own biases is difficult. The Harvard Implicit Bias test can help. Sometimes you have to step away from a situation and ask yourself “where did that thought come from”, and learn how to handle a situation differently.


Connect with Desiree Adaway:


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