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EP128 It’s Not The Big Things That Are Holding You Back

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP128 It’s Not The Big Things That Are Holding You Back

On this Episode of Fierce Feminine Leadership…

When it comes to creating the success that you crave, many women let themselves down by not executing on the little things day in and day out that will ultimately make a difference. 

  • The little things are what can hold you back from success in your business
  • You wake up every day with choices. Will you say “yes” to an invitation to speak at an event? Will you ask for the sale?
  • Each day you are faced with moments where you can lean in to the challenge, and take a small step.
  • You mustn’t listen to the voice inside you that says it is too hard or too much work. If you do, the big things will not happen for you.


If you have big dreams and big goals, you MUST take the small consistent daily risks required to get yourself a seat at the big tables. It’s the emails and calls that you have to execute if you want to achieve your BIG GOALS this year. It is the COURAGE you must have in the moment to keep showing up. 

If you show up for the little things, the big things will take care of themselves.


Final thoughts… 

If you execute on just a few simple shifts or small changes, you can add thousands of dollars to your revenue. To be successful you must be confident in yourself and be confident in the shifts you are making.

If you want to alter your trajectory for your business an career through major changes, stop worrying so much on the big things and focus instead on the little moments throughout the day that will make a difference.


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