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EP13 Are You A Tall Poppy?

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP13 Are You A Tall Poppy?

Are You A Tall Poppy

Tall Poppy Syndrome, what is it? It is a social phenomenon
throughout the industry, often affecting women – but sometimes men,
too – in which great people of merit are criticized or resented
because of their achievements. Tall Poppies often “play small”
because they are worried that they will be criticized for showing
up in the world as brilliantly as they really are. The term, “Tall
Poppy Syndrome” was coined by New Zealand Researchers, and many
women in business unconsciously allow it to affect their business
growth. In this episode, I explain three ways that Tall Poppy
Syndrome is preventing you from stepping into your power as a
female leader.

3 Ways Tall Poppy Syndrome is Preventing You from Being
a Powerful Female Leader

  1. Tall Poppy Syndrome makes you self-conscious
  • Research shows that self-consciousness inhibits high
  1. Tall Poppy Syndrome can hold you back from accepting
    high-profile assignments
  • Own your brilliance!
  1. Tall Poppy Syndrome can prevent you from building a powerful
    personal brand
  • Tall Poppies often hold back from highlighting their


If you are a Tall Poppy, know that you are not alone!

For tips to overcome Tall Poppy Syndrome, download the Checklist
Tip Sheet below.