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EP182 5 Tips to Get the Blunt Feedback You Need to Advance

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP182 5 Tips to Get the Blunt Feedback You Need to Advance

We all know that feedback is vitally important to our growth as entrepreneurs. Without feedback, how would we know what areas of our business and the way we lead our teams need to be improved upon? Sometimes, though, feedback can be hard to accept. Sometimes, well-intentioned people in our lives give us feedback that may not be helpful in advancing us toward the next level of success we want to achieve in our lives, businesses, or careers.

On today’s episode, I’m sharing 5 powerful tips on getting the candid feedback you need to advance in your business and career. I’m also sharing a few key strategies that I use to help me decipher whether a piece of feedback that I receive is truly feedback or merely a statement of judgement as well as how I handle the judgmental “haters” that provide unconstructive feedback.


“Attitude, moodiness, and defensiveness are the surest ways to have people stop bringing you feedback and begin writing you off.”


Today on the Fierce Feminine Leadership Podcast:

  • The relationship between gender bias and the lack of feedback among female professionals
  • Getting used to receiving and asking for blunt, harsh feedback
  • How to identify and handle unconstructive criticism


3 Ways to Handle Unconstructive Criticism:

  1. Remember Oprah’s phrase: “People will support you until you exceed their expectations of you.”
  2. Allow yourself to get angry. It’s okay to rant and vent a little!
  3. Identify if there is a lesson you can take from the feedback. If so, take the lesson. If not, discard the feedback and move on.


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