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EP223 Fun, Fearlessness and the Power of Voicing Your Ideas with PayPal’s Martha Cass

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP223 Fun, Fearlessness and the Power of Voicing Your Ideas with PayPal’s Martha Cass

Martha Cass is the senior director of Global Communications for PayPal. She likes to call herself the company’s “corporate storyteller.” She graduated with a history degree and with zero plans on how to start her career. Initially wanting a job in journalism, she ended up in public relations, then found herself as a stay-at-home mom, and back to the corporate world.

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Martha joins me today to share how she handled the transitions she made from being a hands-on, stay-at-home mom for eight years to working back in the corporate world. She explains why fun is a compelling career strategy and how vital your primary relationships are in the advancement of your career. She also shares some practical advice on creating opportunities for seats to open up at the table of your organization instead of passively waiting for one.


“Expressing a risky thought or a half-baked idea is sometimes the best thing you can do to move things forward.” – Martha Cass


Today on the Fierce Feminine Leadership Podcast:

  • Martha’s responsibilities as the company’s corporate “storyteller”
  • Top three strategies that allow her to have a big impact locally and remotely
  • The effects of being “fun” in your career
  • Pivoting from a tech PR to head PR to founding her consulting company
  • Three strategies she used to make the business a success while being a hands-on mom
  • Looking at careers as a playground than a straight path
  • The challenge of feeling comfortable with seeking help from others
  • Essential things to teach your child as a working parent
  • What would happen if perfection is your goal
  • Why her husband and John Rainey inspire her
  • Martha’s top three success factors
  • The one quality she looks for when finding people to join her team


Martha’s Advice for Fierce Feminine Leaders:

  • Try to say “yes” as much as possible and figure out how to do it as you go along.
  • Never dismiss any person as not important to your network.
  • Invest in people and build a great team.
  • Never stop learning so you can maintain your place at the table as you change and grow with the company.
  • Be authentic to who you are.


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