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EP299 Two Secret Strategies to Become a High Impact Speaker

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP299 Two Secret Strategies to Become a High Impact Speaker

With great power comes great responsibility. There are tremendous obligations that go with being a leader and influencer in your industry. Part of these obligations includes sharing your ideas through public speaking. Like any other role, it is crucial that you equip yourself with the skills that will allow you to be the best powerhouse woman you were always meant to be.

On today’s episode, I share two tips that public speaking programs usually do not offer, but will empower you to become a powerful and high impact speaker. I discuss some techniques and tricks you will learn when working with a voice coach or enroll in a public speaking program as well as how to have fluidity and command over your voice. I also explain the significance of having mastery over the material that you will be speaking about and share strategies to help you gain the content mastery you need to become a powerful, high impact speaker.


“What allows you to truly have mastery over your content and the kind of content that’s going to make you a great speaker and presenter, and truly articulate in the moment is to publish.”  – Eleanor Beaton




Today on the Fierce Feminine Leadership Podcast:

  • Two unique skills to practice to develop into a powerful speaker
  • A great exercise on how to practice speaking without fillers
  • A significant matter many public speaking programs overlook
  • One of the best ways to become a persuasive speaker and presenter
  • The relevance of publishing content to become a great public speaker



Fierce Leadership Quotes:

  • “Every time you want to say “uhm” or “ah,” discipline yourself to simply pause.” – Eleanor Beaton
  • “You don’t get mastery over content by reading and researching.” – Eleanor Beaton
  • “The more content you create in your area of expertise, that’s how you truly master a topic – not by reading – by communicating and publishing.” – Eleanor Beaton


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