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EP395 How To Beat Procrastination – The Bunny Technique

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP395 How To Beat Procrastination – The Bunny Technique

Do you struggle with procrastination? You are not alone! There is a common tendency for fierce feminine leaders to get overly ambitious and try to achieve massive results without taking the simple steps they need to get there, leading to feelings of overwhelm and a failure to achieve your desired outcomes. However, by embracing the power of simple steps, you can achieve greater results than you deemed possible.

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Today, I share a powerful tool to help you overcome procrastination and increase your productivity so you can achieve the results you want to see within your business. I discuss why it is essential to warm yourself up and approach your goals piece by piece, rather than attempting to take it all on at once. I also highlight why you should be humble when it comes to approaching your vision and how having a fixed mindset can impact the way you choose to approach your big, audacious goals.


“One of the basic things when it comes to doubling your productivity is to end procrastination.” – Eleanor Beaton


Today on the Fierce Feminine Leadership Podcast:

  • How to call BS on your mental blocks, increase productivity, and mitigate procrastination
  • The concept of shooting bunnies and how it can help you achieve high-level performance
  • Why you need to “warm-up” your business before making epic strategic moves
  • How starting with tiny tasks can help you achieve even more significant results
  • How a fixed mindset can influence how you approach activities within your business
  • Five steps to end procrastination using the bunny technique, and how humility plays a role  
  • Why you should embrace a growth mindset and embrace the power of taking small, dedicated steps over time


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