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EP438: People Don’t Read and Other Idiotic Statements

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP438: People Don’t Read and Other Idiotic Statements

The book industry is worth over 25 billion dollars with the average person reading 12 books per year. The average CEO? 60 books per year. With that clear-cut evidence, how is it possible that one of my clients was told “people don’t read anymore”?

We are living in an age where any idiot with an opinion can share it on the internet whether it is fact-based or not. Critical thinking and discernment have gone out the window for some, which is why I’m taking a stand and writing a love letter to critical thinking.

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As you scale and grow your business, critical thinking is ridiculously important. So important that without it, you could end up with a business that you don’t even want or one that doesn’t reflect your values. 

Today on the podcast, I’m breaking down why “people don’t read anymore” is completely false and how other idiotic statements need a dose of discernment before you believe them. I’m urging you to trust your instincts and do your research and share why we, women CEOs, must bring this level of thinking to our work because our businesses and the world clearly need it.

Today on the Power + Presence + Position Podcast:

  • Why the statement “people don’t read anymore” is completely idiotic.
  • The importance and power of critical thinking.
  • Why CEOs specifically depend on reading for context and situational awareness.
  • How to not let well-intentioned yet misguided advice sway you from doing you.

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