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EP457: Overcome Your Fear of Visibility with Keri Murphy

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP457: Overcome Your Fear of Visibility with Keri Murphy

You have a message to share with your people about who you are and what your business does. But, the idea of showing up on video to share that message paralyzes you. Stepping into the spotlight seems terrifying, and this fear prevents you from sharing your message.

As the CEO of your company, and especially if you’re a company of one, it’s very important to be a spokesperson for your organization and its mission. You might be scared of showing up and being judged, criticized, corrected, or maybe you just don’t like how you look on camera. These reasons for not being visible aren’t serving you and they aren’t helping you be the strong leader your company needs.

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My guest today is an expert on showing up authentically and powerfully online and in front of the camera. Keri Murphy is my dear friend and the CEO and founder of Inspired Living. As an international speaker, media expert, and business mentor, she’s a master at showing entrepreneurs how to show up authentically on camera and how to leverage video in their branding.

In today’s episode, Keri and I discuss the incredible act of courage it is to show up authentically and to share your truth. Keri walks us through her experience with visibility and how she helps entrepreneurs work through their discomfort so they can be the strong, visible leaders their businesses need. From social media to how our comfort changes as we age, Keri and I cover it all in this episode and you do not want to miss it.

Today on the Power + Presence + Position Podcast:

  • Keri’s experience of getting comfortable with being seen.
  • How our comfort in showing up has evolved as we’ve aged.
  • The difference between hustling and unwavering commitment.
  • Why you need to be aware of comparison-itis when using social media.
  • The two types of influencers on social media and which one you want to be.
  • How the more comfortable you are showing up as yourself, the more your business will grow.

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