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Anchored Intelligence with Eleanor Beaton | Shattering Misconceptions About The Gender Pay Gap Featuring Dr. Claudia Goldin

Shattering Misconceptions About The Gender Pay Gap Featuring Dr. Claudia Goldin

Eleanor Beaton

Despite the continuous stream of advice available on tackling the gender pay gap, from combating harassment to advocating self-worth and negotiating higher compensation, progress in this arena remains frustratingly slow. So, what’s the real culprit behind this persistent disparity?

To delve into the underlying forces driving the gender pay gap, Eleanor is joined by Dr. Claudia Goldin, a leading authority in this field. Dr. Goldin, renowned for her research, is a Henry Lee Professor of Economics at Harvard. Dr. Goldin’s work forms the foundation of the conversations surrounding global gender equity, and she’s here to share her insights.

Listen in this week as Dr. Goldin draws from her extensive research spanning decades to highlight why the gender pay gap exists at a deep fundamental level, debunk the prevailing myths about the gender pay gap, and identify the key levers we can activate to change it.

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Today on Anchored Intelligence:

  • Dr. Claudia Goldin’s definition of the gender pay gap.
  • The major factors that drive the gender pay gap.
  • Why it exists at deep fundamental levels.
  • How couple inequity is complicit in shaping the global gender wage gap.
  • The careers and industries that see the biggest gender pay gaps.
  • What the relative cost of flexibility means.
  • The 3 core levers we can activate to begin closing the gender pay gap.

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