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25 of the Most Innovative Ideas of 2023 From Women Entrepreneurs

Eleanor Beaton

Money is power. We’re on a mission to double the number of women-founded businesses that sustainably scale past 7 figures by 2030.

Because when women build wealth, we all win.

And in 2023, a lot of women WON BIG. And shared their stories, their disruptive ideas, their success and even their struggles with YOU.

We’ve pulled 25 of the most innovative ideas from 2023 from conversations we had with some of the biggest thought leaders in the world and some of our Safi Media clients, and we’re delighted to share them here.

Veronica Romney

 Veronica is a Dream Team Architect who helps online entrepreneurs build their dream teams and train their rainmaking marketing leaders. 

During our The Art of Letting Go roundtable, Veronica shared that when CEOs let go of certain responsibilities, they’re also shedding previous versions of themselves, and how to go through that process in order to level up.

Connect with Veronica at and on Instagram at @vromney.

Kris Plachy

Kris coaches the female entrepreneurs that are literally shaping and changing the world. She is recognized as the one to turn to when you need a sage partner-advisor mind.

During ourThe Art of Letting Go roundtable, Kris explored the idea of “mistake intolerance” and how it holds CEOs — and their teams — back.

Connect with Kris at and on Instagram at @krisplachycoach.


Jennifer Longmore

Jennifer is a forensic investigator turned international Soul Purpose and Money Mindset Expert as well as a 10-tine best selling author and creator of the #1 spiritual development training school in the world. 

During our Her First Millions roundtable, Jennifer shared what we experience when we decide to take big leaps, and the money mindset shifts we have to make to move forward.

Connect with Jennifer at and on Instagram at @JenniferLongmore.

Tasha Booth

Tasha is the Founder & CEO of The Launch Guild – a full-service launch support agency working with established coaches and course creators with course and podcast launches.

In our The Art of Letting Go roundtable, Tasha had us all gasping at the name of a session she was leading at an upcoming event, and how she’s been able to navigate the challenge of giving direct feedback to people, even when it’s hard.

Connect with Tasha at and on Instagram at @thetashabooth.

Leslie Priscilla

Leslie is the founder of Latinx Parenting, a trauma-Informed healing-centered parenting coach and an advocate for Latinx families.

During our How Patriarchy Threatens Women’s Safety in Business roundtable, Leslie shared the ways in which we can harness emotion — even when that emotion is anger and rage! — in a powerful way to speak up and speak out.

Connect with Leslie at and on Instagram at @latinxparenting.

Bethany Webster

Bethany is a feminist author and transformational coach known around the world for her work on women’s leadership and development and showing women entrepreneurs how their “mother wound” impacts their business and personal lives. 

 In our How Patriarchy Threatens Women’s Safety in Business roundtable, Bethany explained her simple but powerful approach to the internal and external systems that hold women back.

Connect with Bethany at and on Instagram at @themotherwound.

Allyson Byrd

Allyson catapults entrepreneurs into becoming the highest authority of their lives. Her money mindset makeovers are rooted in logical and simplistic truths: 1) It is in your behavior consciousness. 2) It is in your record of thoughts. 3) It is in your daily doings.

During our Big Money Energy roundtable, Allyson addressed the myth that who were were is always who we are, and how to overcome the stories that we’re told (and the ones we tell ourselves) about what it takes to succeed.

Connect with Allyson at and on Instagram at @iamallysonbyrd.

Bianca King

Bianca is an entrepreneur and professional matchmaker on a mission to help women amplify their ambitions and achieve the personal growth and professional success they desire.

In our Market Multipliers: Strategies for Profiting from Other Peoples Audiences roundtable, Bianca spoke to the power of curiosity and uncovering what your audience wants (and needs!).

Connect with Bianca at and on Instagram @pdambitious.

Jordan Gill

Jordan is an operations consultant and VIP Day extraordinaire. She has helped hundreds of service providers transition away from offering draining, never-ending retainer services to creating a sustainable business model with VIP days.

During our Market Multipliers: Strategies for Profiting from Other Peoples Audiences roundtable, Jordan took us on a deep dive into the power of collaborations, and how they can be win-wins.

Connect with Jordan at and on Instagram @systemssavedme.

Britt Frank

Britt is a clinician, educator, and trauma specialist. She received her BA from Duke University and her Master’s in Social Work from the University of Kansas where she is an award-winning adjunct professor. She speaks and writes widely about emotional wellness and healing.

In our The Ultimate Guide to Imposter Syndrome roundtable, Britt shared an alternative approach to feeling “less than” when you’re still working on developing certain skills.

Connect with Britt at and on Instagram at @brittfrank.

Ellen Yin

Ellen is the founder & host of Cubicle to CEO®, a top 100 entrepreneurship podcast and free weekly newsletter sharing financially transparent insights from self-funded, women-owned businesses.

During our Market Multipliers: Strategies for Profiting from Other Peoples Audiences roundtable, Ellen talked about the ways in which we often feel pressure to develop “meaningful” relationships, and how to approach them instead.

Connect with Ellen at and on Instagram at @cubicletoceo.

Tracy Litt

Tracy Litt is a sought-after success mentor for visionary women leaders & entrepreneurs who are navigating huge paradigm shifts and elevating into the next level of themselves, so they can seamlessly generate the next level of their impact, wealth, and holistic success.

During our Big Money Energy roundtable, Tracy walked us through stepping into our “next level versions” faster.

Connect with Tracy at and on Instagram at @thelittfactor.

Dr. Darnyelle Jervey Harmon

Dr. Darnyelle is a leading business growth speaker, sales trainer, and money mindset expert.

During our The Myth of Authenticity roundtable, Dr. Darnyelle shared her perspective on being a disruptor, overcoming trauma and her path to becoming a millionaire.

Connect with Dr. Darnyelle at and on Instagram at @darnyellejerveyharmon.

Susan Hyatt

Susan is a master certified coach, bestselling author, podcast host, CEO of 3 companies, and a self-made millionaire.

During our The Anti-Hustle Manifesto roundtable, Susan talked powerfully about having stories not regrets and using that mindset to overcome the pressure to fill outside and external voids or benchmarks. 

Connect with Susan at and on Instagram at @susanhyatt.

Aprille Franks

Aprille is an entrepreneurial brand strategist, master coach, speaker and published author. She is a Feminine Conscious Business Coach and founded Women Recharged in 2012.

During our The Anti-Hustle Manifesto roundtable, Aprille talked about what women are feeling in today’s culture and how we can lean into what we LOVE and acknowledge and release what we don’t.

Connect with Aprille at and on Instgram at @epicaprille.

Jule Kim

Jule helps women executives stop people pleasing and overcome imposter syndrome. She is a public speaker and the author of Self-Love Affirmations & Reflections.

During our The Ultimate Guide to Imposter Syndrome roundtable, Jule shared her candid and personal experience growing up with cultural pressure to perform, and how that impacts many women today.

Connect with Jule at and on Instagram at @itsjulekim.

In addition to our incredible thought partners who participated in roundtable events and workshops in 2023, our Safi Media clients are innovating and building Jewel Businesses that secure their financial futures and their long-term community impact. Here’s what they shared as their most innovative ideas and strategies from 2023.

And one special mention…a standout moment from one of the men who joined a 2023 roundtable. We were so moved by Connor’s share that we had to include it here!

Connor Beaton

Connor Beaton is the founder of ManTalks, an international men’s movement focused on health, wellness, success, and fulfillment. For almost a decade, Connor has helped men and women from all over the world grow in the realms of mental clarity, relational communication, life purpose and sexual intimacy.

During our The Myth of Authenticity roundtable, Connor talked about the risks that men face when it comes to being vulnerable.

Connect with Connor at and on Instagram at @mantalks.

Eleanor Beaton

Coach. CEO. Host. Writer. Mom.

Eleanor is the founder of Safi Media, an education and coaching company for women entrepreneurs. Safi Media is committed to advancing global gender equity through women’s entrepreneurship and is on a mission to double the number of women entrepreneurs who scale past $1M by 2030.

We are honored to collaborate with some of the most dynamic and thoughtful partners through roundtables, live events, our podcast and more. Interested in being a collaboration partner with us? Click here to get started!