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Anchored Intelligence with Eleanor Beaton | How To Turn Your Business into Generational Wealth Featuring Rachael Camp

How To Turn Your Business into Generational Wealth Featuring Rachael Camp

Eleanor Beaton

Do you find personal finance confusing? How can you manage your money more effectively to achieve financial freedom? And how can you turn your business into a potential source of generational wealth for you and the people you care most about? 

To explore the topic of generational wealth this week, Eleanor is joined by certified financial planner Rachael Camp. Rachael is the founder of Camp Wealth: a financial planning firm that helps high-earners and entrepreneurs build and preserve wealth, and she’s here today to share bite-sized nuggets of wisdom on how you can start thinking about building generational wealth.

Tune in this week to hear Rachael’s insights on the basics of financial planning and how to set your business up for building generational wealth. She’s sharing her top tips on transforming your relationship with money, and touching on topics like diversification, profitability, monitoring your cashflow, and emergency funds.

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Today on Anchored Intelligence:

  • The origin story of Rachael’s business.
  • Why there’s been a change in the conventional business model in the financial planning industry.
  • What makes high-earners and entrepreneurs an attractive client group.
  • The dangers of listening to blanket financial advice.
  • Rachael’s insights on what allows entrepreneurs to create generational wealth.
  • When to diversify your investments.
  • Strategies for transforming your business into generational wealth.

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