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Anchored Intelligence with Eleanor Beaton | How To Convince Clients to Trust Your Team When All They Want is You Featuring Nancy Duarte

How to Convince Clients to Trust Your Team When All They Want is You Featuring Nancy Duarte

Eleanor Beaton

For women entrepreneurs especially, the ability to build a reputation, develop a name for yourself, and acquire esteemed clients is a core rite of passage as you scale your company. However, one of the challenges that comes with growing in this way is when you’re faced with clients who don’t want to work with your team; they only want to work with you.

As flattering as this may be, it’s nearly impossible to scale your business when everyone only wants you. Nancy Duarte is the CEO of Duarte Inc., a communications expert, the author of six best-selling books, and a legend in Silicon Valley. For over 35 years, Nancy and her team have worked with the highest-performing brands and executives in the world, but to do this, she had to transform her brand from a one-woman show into a recognized house of experts.

The ability to scale to the point that your clients get as much out of your team as they would with you creates a huge boom in your advancement as an entrepreneur. If you’re ready to go from working directly with your clients to stepping back to become a full-time visionary CEO, listen in to hear Nancy’s wisdom on growing and scaling your company in this way.

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Today on Anchored Intelligence:

  • Nancy’s journey helping entrepreneurs become more effective storytellers.
  • Why empathy is at the heart of Nancy’s work, and what most people get wrong about empathy.
  • How to get your clients to work with your team when all they want is you.
  • Why crossing the threshold from working directly with clients to stepping back will advance your leadership.
  • How Nancy negotiates running a service-based business and allocating time for deeper study.
  • Nancy’s relationship with hard work as she scaled her company.
  • What happens when you become an effective storyteller.

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