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Is it okay to market your business during a crisis?

Eleanor Beaton
Women entrepreneurs: Is it okay to market your business during a crisis? 

Will you get backlash from promoting your company in the midst of a pandemic? 

And if you do decide to increase or maintain your marketing, what should you say and how should you say it?

During this very practical tutorial, I will walk you through four different things you need to know when it comes to your marketing during the coronavirus pandemic.

#1: Which companies should double down on their marketing efforts AND which companies should actually stand down and why.

#2: I’m going to share what the REAL threat is to your business right now and exactly how to overcome it. And here’s a hint for you: it is neither COVID-19 or the economic downturn.

#3: How can you craft a meaningful message for your market without contributing to the hysteria? I’m going to share some very specific ways in which you can communicate with the marketplace without contributing to the hysteria

#4: How to deliver your messages and potentially your marketing if you do decide to continue marketing in a way that does not tarnish your carefully built reputation.

Watch it here:

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