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Anchored Intelligence with Eleanor Beaton | Permission to Speak Featuring Samara Bay

Permission to Speak Featuring Samara Bay

Eleanor Beaton

What does powerful leadership sound like to you? Is it loud and booming? Can it sound soft and steely? How do you have an opportunity to redefine leadership right now, using your voice as an instrument of communication?

This week, Eleanor is speaking with vocal coach and author of Permission to Speak, Samara Bay. Samara has been a Hollywood dialect coach for over a decade with clients all over the world. As a leader, there is truly nothing more important than trusting your voice and your ability to communicate your message clearly, and Samara is an expert at helping people show up for their mission with impact, authenticity, and self-advocacy.

Listen in today to discover the gift of linguistics when it comes to embodying your most authentic self and healing vocal drama. Samara is highlighting why most of us have learned to speak from a fear-based place, how to harness a love-based approach in using and trusting your voice, and the powerful leader you become when you anchor in your message. 

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Today on Anchored Intelligence:

  • What Samara’s work entails.
  • The main pillars involved in voice coaching.
  • How Samara supports people in embodying their most authentic self.
  • What happens when you get present and gain clarity about your bigger mission.
  • How we use our throats to control and constrict our emotions.
  • Why we experience vocal drama.
  • What it looks like to get started using and trusting your voice.
  • How to practice speaking your truth without apology.

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