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Anchored Intelligence with Eleanor Beaton | AI Procrastination, Personal Alarm Systems & Doing Work That Really Moves the Needle

Procrastination, Personal Alarm Systems & Doing Work That Really Moves the Needle

Eleanor Beaton

Are you currently working on the big projects that you know will set you up for long-term success? Or are you distracting yourself by prioritizing the little bitty things that feel predictable and safe, but leave you exactly where you are?

The truth about the work that really moves the needle is that no one would know or care if you didn’t do it. It’s the work that will put you in big rooms, propel you to the forefront of your industry, and alter your future, so the question remains: why do smart people procrastinate on the ambitious projects that will change their businesses and careers forever?

Join Eleanor on this episode to discover what doing the work that truly moves the needle entails, and how a certain type of procrastination is preventing you from putting big projects into motion. You’ll hear the role of personal alarm systems in per-day and per-project procrastination, and Eleanor’s tips for putting an end to procrastination that’s keeping you stuck.

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Today on Anchored Intelligence:

  • What doing work that really moves the needle entails.
  • The difference between per-day procrastination and per-project procrastination.
  • 4 main reasons smart people procrastinate on business-altering and life-shaping projects.
  • How there aren’t any alarm systems that alert you that you’re procrastinating on a big project.
  • Why it’s particularly easy for women to put off projects that are unpredictable and uncertain.
  • 3 considerations for putting an end to procrastination, implementing personal alarm systems, and doing the work that really moves the needle.

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