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Power Presence Position Eleanor Beaton | Replay: My Coaching Philosophy

EP520: Replay: My Coaching Philosophy

Eleanor Beaton

At Safi Media, Eleanor teaches the importance of packaging your knowledge and expertise not just as a service, but as a piece of intellectual property. Many of you listening sell transformative work yourselves, whether that’s through consulting, coaching, or offerings related to your books or podcasts. And to grow, you need to think deeply about the core philosophies that underpin your offers.

The influence of social media marketing has led to a sense of urgency to package and get your work out there. However, something critical gets overlooked in the process: the development of philosophy. You might have a five-step methodology, or milestones that you help your clients with, but your philosophy speaks to why any of it is important, and it’s what will allow you to show up from a place of powerful alignment and authenticity.

Listen in this week to discover the pillars of Eleanor’s personal coaching philosophy, and why having a clear philosophy that governs your work is vital. You’ll hear how developing your philosophy offers so much clarity for both you and your customers, why it distinguishes how you play the game and who fits into your business, and how to start uncovering what your core philosophies are. 

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Today on the Power + Presence + Position Podcast:

  • The 2 pillars of Eleanor’s coaching philosophy for women entrepreneurs.
  • Why developing an underlying philosophy to your offers and intellectual property is key.
  • What having a promised land means, and what the promised land of Eleanor’s business looks like.
  • How to deeply explore and identify what your promised land is.
  • What happens when you try to grow and develop without a clear philosophy.
  • The difference between values and a philosophy.

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