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EP44 How to Master Your Emotions with Suzi Petrozzi

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP44 How to Master Your Emotions with Suzi Petrozzi

In today’s episode, I am joined by the fabulous Australian-based mentor, speaker, and the expert in Wellness Psychology and Human Potential, Suzi Petrozzi. Suzi has worked with thousands of high-achieving, successful women in business around the globe, helping them overcome obstacles and move past crossroads in their lives and careers that are often developed over emotional barriers. Suzi is the founder of an award-winning wellness center – Petrozzi Wellness Center – in Sydney, Australia, which she works alongside her husband, John. She has worked as a clinical psychologist for over 13 years, and this experience has driven her passion to help her clients on a more intimate level. 

In our last episode of Fierce Feminine Leadership, We talked a little about emotional barriers, criticism, taking things personally, and self-awareness. Today, Suzi shares her expert knowledge and experiences while helping her high-achieving, successful clients and explains what you need to do to overcome your emotional obstacles, what questions you need to ask yourself to break down barriers and transform yourself and your career down the path of success. 


“Investing in the dream will allow your business to flourish and grow.” – Suzi Petrozzi 


Here’s a breakdown of today’s episode: 

  • What is the transformation Suzi is providing to her clients? 
    Who does she work with – and why? 
  • What lead Suzi to her current business and career? 
  • What is it about her clients that appeals to her so much to devote her career to this specific niche? 
  • What perfectionist tendency did she have to address personally to achieve such high success, both professionally and personally? 
  • What is “Triangle Awareness?” 
  • How does she combine the outward-facing speaking and coaching practice side of her business with the reality of running a multi-disciplinary wellness center? 
  • What was the most monumental turning point in her career that made her shift her focus and impacted her success? 
  • How big of an issue is stress and overwhelm for high-achieving women and how do you break the cycle? 
  • What does Suzi mean by “ideas and emotions need to be moved?” 
  • What have been the top three success factors for Suzi? 


Suzi’s Words of Wisdom: 

  • Ask yourself: “What do I want?” 
  • Trust what comes up. 
  • Implement the tips – however small – that will lead you in the direction to achieve what you want. 


Resources Mentioned: 


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