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He Told Me To Quit…Then He Joined The Company

Eleanor Beaton

Please note: If you are in ANY need of encouragement to keep going in your business – whether you’re just starting out, or you are already leading a multi-million dollar enterprise, keep reading.

I did not grow up dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur.

I wanted to be an investment banker/supermodel (this is the job I actually dreamed of from age 13-16), a lawyer or a journalist.

When I was 24 and married all of 2 months, my husband suggested I might want to take the fierce communication skills I was attempting to hire out to a company and start my own business instead.

I listened to him and I launched my first business.

It was great for a while, and then in 2014-15 ish I decided to shut that business down and launch the business I now run; a leadership development company for women entrepreneurs.

I worked extremely hard and in hindsight, it did not take me long to make the business successful. 5 years after making the switch, I run a 7-figure company with a healthy profit margin, 8 full time and 2 part time employees, and international clients. I’m proud of what I have built.


Before you are making REAL money in business…it’s a slog.

Money is tight. You are making a lot of investments. I bought courses and software, attended conferences and hired freelancers. I flew to so many speaking engagements – on my own dime – to land zero clients.

I ran dozens of webinars with a grand total of 5 participants online. I did hundreds of awkward strategy calls with amazing prospective clients but didn’t quite have the skills to close them.

Some months I invested more money in trying to grow than I was actually bringing in. Other months I was just breaking even and paying myself a very modest salary. I questioned whether I had a viable business, wondered if I was crazy and sometimes felt ashamed that it seemed to require 8 setbacks to achieve a single win.

The SCARIEST moment happened when, after another international speaking engagement in London – one that took me away from my family for nearly a week, and yielded one $3k sale – my husband texted me:

We can’t keep doing this. You need to stop.

When I saw the text, I had two visceral reactions.

Reaction #1: I wanted to cry and throw up.

Reaction #2: Everything inside me galvanized around this one sentence: HELL TO THE NO.

That ONE moment where my ride or die partner and soul mate lost faith in my business ranks as one of the loneliest experiences of my life.

But in that moment, I also connected with the depth of my conviction and fierce determination to make my business successful beyond my wildest dreams.

This RADICAL CONVICTION unleashed a period of sustained and rapid business growth…

It was as if my whole being was unified in sending a single, focused message to the universe: THIS IS HAPPENING.

That powerful, focused energy started coming through in my videos, blogs and sales calls. I started sharing my message with a level of passion and conviction that had been missing before.

More people started showing up for my trainings. My conversion rates increased. Money started flowing. I had more cash to invest in growth, and to pour into my bank account.

I started to experience a level of growth that ultimately made it a no brainer for Leon to join me in the company.

I’m so glad Leon gave me the gift of his doubt. Because in it, I learned a powerful lesson about business and leadership:

Your belief must be greater than anyone else’s.

Your unwavering faith is the critical ingredient that powers your ability to grow and scale your business.

In this upcoming micro-course entitled RADICAL CONVICTION I’ll walk you through EXACTLY how to:

  • Stop demanding a level of belief and support from other people that you haven’t cultivated yourself.
  • Set seemingly impossible goals and NOT QUIT until you make them happen.
  • Unleash a new era of rapid and sustainable growth.
  • Step into your true potential as a visionary leader.

I will be teaching ALL NEW material in this micro course and can’t wait for you to join me. You can register here.


P.S. It’s your TIME fierce one. Join me to uncover this superbly powerful RADICAL CONVICTION course to take your leadership, impact and income to all new levels.