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Anchored Intelligence with Eleanor Beaton | Use Quiz Funnels To Generate Qualified Leads On The Cheap Featuring Chanti Zak

Use Quiz Funnels To Generate Qualified Leads On The Cheap Featuring Chanti Zak

Eleanor Beaton

One of the biggest assets in your business is your customers. The second biggest? Your email list. The more customized, highly-valuable content you provide to your email list, the more they are willing to give you money for your programs or services. One lucrative way to provide this value is through quiz funnels which perform 2-3x better than static content. My guest this week happens to be an expert on quiz funnels and is breaking them down for us. 

Chanti Zak is a quiz funnel strategiest, a growth consultant, and a coach who is obsessed with psychology, interactive marketing, and getting brag-worthy results for her clients. She has crafted high-yield quizzes for some of the top women entrepreneurs in the online space, and she is the BEST person to talk to about using quizzes as lead magnets. 

In this conversation, Eleanor quizzes Chanti on how she found herself in this niche, why quizzes are so effective, and some case studies of her most successful quizzes. She walks us through the psychology behind quizzes, the types of businesses they are best-suited for, and the three things it’s best to have in place before you create a quiz.

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Today on Anchored Intelligence:

  • What makes quizzes so effective to use as lead magnets.
  • The types of businesses that will most benefit from using quizzes.
  • What a signature quiz is and why it is a game changer for your business.
  • The difference between a quiz with staying power and an experiment.
  • What you need to create a successful quiz.
  • Why niching down was one of the best things Chanti could have done for her business.

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